5 Day Money Back Guarantee

To keep the trust between Genius Pharmacy Inc.. and its clients, we have put in place a 5-day money-back guarantee so that the clients can request a refund if the package doesn’t reach him/her as from 5 days and above. We will refund back your money.

24/7 Under Ground Med Store Support

We are online on a 24/7 basis offering Presales and after-sales support to all customers via call, email or WhatsApp.

DISCRETE MAILING With Tracking Number For Completed Orders

Discrete mailing with Tracking Number.
All packages sealed and shipped as discrete packages. So Our Customers are 100% safe and SATISFIED. However we offer Overnight Delivery (24H) Within USA and Canada Only

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We the online Medicinal Shop we like to make it clear, we provide the best sales worldwide and very fast delivery. We provide next day over night drop off at your secured delivery address with no signature required. You don’t sign up for package and delivery is 100% secured and guaranteed,  100% money back if anything happen with package or package not deliver and with the help and confirmation from the delivery company we reship within 4 days or refund money back if you will not like to use our services. with Under Ground Meds Store, your money is secure as we are very transparent when it come to  business and we like to keep to our words.  Order with us and get best quality and fast delivery.

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Under Ground Med Store Management team has put in place Customer service that will be online 24/7 just to help her client in case of any difficulties and to clear all doubts if there is any. All this is just to satisfy her clients that want to Buy painkillers online Canada, order painkillers USA, how and where to buy pain relief medication

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